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  • Where is the Bloom Your Womb Retreat held?
    This retreat takes place in the gorgeous Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Flight and additional hotel stays are not included.
  • ​Who is this retreat for?
    The Bloom Your Womb Retreat is for you if: You are a womb holder/menstruator. You are a minority and/or person of color. You have interest in birthwork, menstrual work, or holistic healing. You are interested in learning more about your body. You are interested in discovering a healthier way of living. You have experienced reproductive health issues. You want to teach others about menstruation. You enjoy trying new experiences. You are open-minded. You have a go-with-the-flow vibe. You are ready to disconnect from your devices and be fully present. ​Come to heal your womb.
  • Who is this retreat not for:
    The Bloom Your Womb Retreat is not for you if: You are looking to just fete or party. (there will be some tho!)​ You are looking for a solo experience. You are uncomfortable with people from different backgrounds. You are not open to trying a completely new experience. You MUST show up with an open mind and heart. You are not looking for an educational experience. You will need to smoke cigarettes/tobacco or drink hard alcohol on a daily basis.​ (wine and herbal libations are allowed) You require regular/daily medical attention. You are seeking clinical therapy or rehab. You lack self awareness. You are not good at responding to emails or messages in a timely manner. We will often require you to reply to communications within 48 hours. ​​IMPORTANT: The Bloom Your Womb Retreat is NOT personal therapy, nor is it a detoxification program from recreational or pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Will I be able to get around in Costa Rica outside of the group?
    ​Guests attending the Bloom Your Womb retreat can take local taxi's to get around. The average taxi cost is approximately $8-11.
  • What is the payment breakdown?
    Total Cost of All Inclusive Bloom Your Womb Retreat ​Regular Price $4,500 (retreat valued at $6,000) Holiday Special now to Dec 31st - $500 off ($4,000) Payment Breakdown ​Your deposit of $500 reserves your space. Once your deposit is placed down you will have a remaining balance of $4,000 (or $3500) Mid Balance Due Your mid balance of $2,000 will be due by February 1st. You can pay in full or select an option to make your payments. Option A 2 monthly payments of $1000 Option B ​Pay the full balance of $2,000 within 2 months ​ Final Balance Due March 3 Payment of $2,000 due March 3, 2024
  • Can I make smaller payments?
    The payment amounts above are our only options. Smaller payments will not be accepted. If you have a special circumstance, you may email for consideration. You are also welcome to get it out of the way and make any payments in full.
  • Do I have to share a room?
    Shared rooms are a part of the experience! However, we do offer 2 solo rooms for those you deeply prefer to have their own space, they are first come, first serve. We discourage anyone from attending that seeks to consume alcohol or party during their time here.
  • Is there WIFI?
    During the retreat there is free WIFI available to all guests. However, please be mindful that the internet is not as reliable as other developed areas of the world.
  • Will there be time outside of class to connect with my classmates?
    Absolutely! Together, you will go on adventures, experience educational workshops, eat nourishing food and you will be able to be completely open in this space of wombhood. You will be invited to lean on and learn from each other during this holistic journey.
  • Will there be alone time on the retreat?
    Absolutely! Throughout the retreats, we have golden hour or reflection time, where all participants are given a moment to self-reflect without outside distractions. We will be staying on a huge property with plenty of space for you to be alone if you need. During the retreat, in addition to bonding time with your classmates, you will spend a lot of time in nature’s silence, in meditation, and so much more.
  • Can I attend if I am pregnant?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate our pregnant goddesses at this time. Due to our very remote location, we do not recommend attending the retreat if you are pregnant.
  • Can I bring my kids?
    We currently cannot accommodate kids at this retreat.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    Credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle are accepted. Cash is not accepted.
  • Is this retreat refundable?
    The Bloom Your Womb retreat training is non-refundable. This includes for reasons of COVID-19 or any reason. We strongly suggest that clients purchase travel insurance for any cancellation reason because you can request a refund through your travel insurance for any reason. Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Can I transfer my booking to another retreat?
    Yes! We offer one-time transfers - please see Booking Terms and Conditions for additional details. Trainees will be responsible for the price differential if purchasing a more expensive retreat experience. A one-time transfer to another retreat may be made 90 days or more prior to departure of retreat. Transfers past the 90 day mark period will not be allowed. There are no refunds or discounts if transferring to a less expensive product. To transfer an experience please reach out to
  • Do I need to be vaccinated to enter Costa Rica?
    No, Costa Rica does not have any vaccination requirements.
  • What happens once I book my spot for the retreat?
    Upon registration, you will receive a welcome message with general trip information. You will also receive a document to sign within 24-72 hours. You will receive your invoice within 14 days of booking so that you can begin making payments on your trip or your card will automatically be charged if you have selected the monthly payment option. As the date of the retreat approaches over the next few months, you will receive emails on specifics relevant to your trip.
  • Is this retreat only for Black women?
    No, this retreat is open to all minorities. However, most of our participants' backgrounds hail from the Caribbean, African, Asian, Central and South American. Thank you for respecting this sacred space created specifically for minority womb holders.
  • ​What is the difference between the retreat training and the virtual/hybrid training?
    Bloom Your Womb is an in-person, hands-on certificate training retreat dedicated to empowering and educating women to become womb workers and menstrual experts in their communities. During this retreat, participants receive a full menstrual health education, enjoy enrichment-centered workshops by expert workshop facilitators, go on excursions, yoni steaming, eat nourishing meals, practice yoga, meditation, and more. There are additional workshops catering to self-care, spirituality, and Afro and Indigenous Caribbean history. This retreat experience includes additional educational resources, access to the learning platform for life, mentorship support, and special events. You will also be certified as a Menstrual Doula after completing all training requirements after the retreat. Additionally, this retreat takes place in a gorgeous luxury eco-friendly boutique lodge on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. This unique learning retreat is a setting where women can be their authentic selves surrounded by those who share the womb experience.
  • What types of activities will be included in the retreat?
    We will indulge in all natural and holistic forms of healing, including yoga, yoni steaming, meditation, rituals, and more. We will also have several excursions and on-hands learning, including beach days, waterfall excursion, Bri Bri tribe visit, and more!
  • Will the food be fully plant-based?
    No! While we encourage it, you do not need to be plant-based to attend this retreat. Our villa host will provide all food options for anyone who is currently vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian and for those who eat meat. We want you to indulge and honor where you are in your wellness journey. All food options from meat to plant-based will be provided.
  • ​Are you able to accommodate people with disabilities?
    Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate people that are hearing impaired, blind, and those with limited mobility. We are also unable to accommodate those with illness or sickness requiring special attention, needs, or requests. We hope to expand on this in the future.
  • How much money should I bring? Cash or card?
    Guests attending the Bloom Your Womb retreat can take local taxi's to get around. The average taxi cost is approximately $8-11.
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