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What Type of Period Product Should I Use?

Updated: Jul 9

Hi everyone! Sandy here. When it comes to period products, did you know there are multiple different products that you can use to prevent leakage and be comfortable at the same time? Everyone has their own personal preferences. In this blog, I will be discussing 6 different types of period products that are on the market and available for you to use. 


Pads, which are also known as sanitary napkins or menstrual pads. Pads are made from rectangles or absorbent material and use an attachment adhesive on the other side to attach to a girl's underwear. This sticky adhesive is a vital component as it ensures leak protection and optimum comfort. There are two types of pads.

  • Winged pads: pads with flaps on the side

  • Pads without wings: pads without the flaps

Many girls claim that winged pads are a must because they hold the pad in place and offer extra protection. In addition to winged or no winged pads, manufacturers also make different levels of pads.  So. if you are wondering what kind of pads you should get, well it all depends on the level of your period flow. Is it heavy, moderate, or light? You might also consider getting overnight pads, which are pads made specifically for the nighttime. It is recommended that you change your pad every 3-4 hours. 



Similar to pads, tampons are also made out of absorbent material. However, unlike pads, tampons are compressed into a cylinder-like shape. The reason behind being shaped like a small tube is because they are made for the vaginal canal.  This means that a tampon absorbs blood from within the vagina. There are also different types of tampons made for different girls with different levels of flow. Some tampons come with a plastic applicator that guides the cotton part of the tampon into the vagina, while others are inserted with a finger. It is recommended to change your tampons every 4 to 8 hours.

Menstrual Sponge 

A menstrual sponge is just like it sounds. It’s a sponge that can be inserted into the vagina (like a tampon) to absorb blood. A menstrual sponge can be made out of:

  • real living sea sponges (natural sea sponges) 


  • a synthetic sponge 

These sponges are soft and extremely flexible; therefore, they changes shape to suit your body. It is recommended that you change your sponge every 8 hours, or sooner-depending on your flow. Sponges can be changed every 4-6 hours, and you should replace your sponge every 3-6 months.

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are usually made out of materials like rubber or silicone. As the name suggests, these period cups take the form of a cup with a tail-like structure below so that girls can easily pull it out when the time comes.  However, unlike the products that were previously mentioned, menstrual cups catch the blood in the cup area instead of absorbing it.  There are different shapes and types of menstrual cups out in the market that suit everyone. This is because everyone’s vagina has a different shape, and therefore, not everyone will use the same shaped menstrual cup. A menstrual cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, but make sure to wash thoroughly before putting it back in.

Period Underwear 

Period underwear is just like normal underwear, except they have a built-in pad. They have multiple antimicrobial layers built into them to get rid of odor. This makes it convenient as it eliminates the need to change your pads, tampons, sponge, or cups every time you use the bathroom. Although they have odor-preventing properties, you should still change them daily in order to help keep you fresh. Just like all other menstrual products, different types of period underwear have different levels of padding for girls with different levels of flow. It is recommended that you should change your period underwear every 8- 12 hours for optimal hygiene and comfort.

Free Bleeding Blankets


Free bleeding blankets are a type of menstrual product used by individuals who practice free bleeding while on their cycle. These blankets are usually made from materials that can absorb menstrual blood and are washable for reuse (like period underwear). Materials can include highly absorbent fabric that can effectively manage the flow for various levels 

As you can see, there are a lot of menstrual products that you can choose from, Therefore, make sure you choose which ever one is comfortable for you, and remember that periods are NORMAL! 


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