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Recap of Empower Moms Program: Session One

Updated: Jul 8

Hello Supermoms!

I hope all is well and June has been good to you! I wish you good vibes, your melanin to be melaninin', and your inner strength and beauty to shine bright. We have a brief recap for you, so let's get into it!

First, I would like to personally thank all the mothers who came to the first session of the Empower Moms program! Here at Werk it Moms, we are dedicated to uplifting, empowering, and supporting our BIPOC mothers! We are here to help and equip you with all the resources you need to help you through motherhood as it takes a village not just to raise a child but also to embrace and celebrate you as a life-giver, a stronghold to your child/children, and a nurturer of the mind, body, and soul!

Last Sunday, we launched our Empower Moms program with the head coordinator and presenter, Audrey, our community coordinator. Audrey started with Session 1: Understanding Maternal Mental Health and Occupational Therapy. Audrey educated women about maternal mental health disorders that can be experienced in women during the perinatal and postpartum experience. Furthermore, she educated women about occupational therapy, the profession, and how an occupational therapist can provide services to maternal mental health. The session led to an open discussion with the mothers to learn their knowledge about maternal mental health disorders.

Session 2 is soon approaching, and we do not want you to miss it. There is still time to register and join in on session 2. If you are interested in participating in session 2, click here. If you want to know what it entails, here is some info about Empower Moms:

Program Overview

The Empower Moms Program offers comprehensive support and guidance to perinatal and postpartum women. Our structured sessions address the multifaceted challenges associated with maternal mental health disorders and the transition to motherhood.

Key Features:

  • Workshops & Seminars: Learn about managing postpartum depression, stress reduction techniques, and mental health resources.

  • One-on-One Support: Access certified doulas and occupational therapists for personalized guidance.

  • Community Building: Connect with other new mothers through support groups and peer-to-peer coaching.

Session Highlights

Free 45-minute Virtual Sessions

  • Session 2: Managing Perinatal/Postpartum Trauma and Advocating for Mental Health

  • Session 3: Daily Scheduling, Time Management, and Role Transition

Free On-site Event

  • Session 4: Holistic Approaches to Maternal Mental Health

  • A.K.A Mommy Time Event

Times & Dates


Session 2: Preventing Perinatal/Postpartum Trauma & Stages of Postpartum

  • Date:  06/30/2024

  • Time: 7:00-7:45 pm 

Session 3: Daily Scheduling, Time Management, Role Transition

  • Date:  07/07/2024

  • Time: 7:00-7:45 pm 


Session 4: Holistic Approaches to Maternal Mental Health (Mommy Time Event)

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Date:7/14/2024

  • Time: 2:30-4:30 pm

For any questions or additional information, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Community Coordinator at:

We look forward to seeing you virtually! Register here.


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