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Embracing Birth Support: Highlights from World Doula Week

Updated: Apr 1

Sunday we had a beautiful World Doula Week event in collaboration with our friends at Black Moms Miami! Thank you to all who joined us at The Citadel rooftop.

The recent World Doula Week event served as a heartwarming gathering for doulas to reconnect with each other, reminisce, and share their personal stories. It was a time to reflect on the profound impact doulas have had on their lives and the lives of others. Many attendees took the opportunity to recount how their own pregnancies were guided and supported by doulas, which ultimately inspired them to pursue a career in doula work themselves. These stories served as powerful reminders of the transformative role doulas play in the journey to motherhood.

As conversations flowed freely during the event, doulas eagerly discussed their current areas of specialization, exchanging insights and experiences with one another. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, joy, and camaraderie as old friends caught up and new connections were forged. Amidst the lively discussions, attendees enjoyed delicious food and drinks, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance for all.

In addition to celebrating shared experiences, the event also provided a platform for doulas to address common challenges encountered in their profession. From navigating client relationships to managing the demands of the job, doulas openly shared their struggles and offered valuable advice and support to one another. It was a testament to the strong sense of community and solidarity among doulas, who came together to uplift and empower each other.

Overall, the World Doula Week event was not only a celebration of the invaluable work doulas do but also a reaffirmation of the bonds that unite them. It was a reminder of the importance of community, support, and mutual respect in the doula profession, and a testament to the dedication and passion of those who choose to embark on this meaningful journey of supporting mothers and families.

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